When we think we failed…

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” Napoleon Hill.

When we think we failed… we often bring up all of our past mistakes again and tell ourselves-  things like “I haven’t changed” “I will never succeed” or “I can’t win”. I want to share a poem I wrote about this very situation.

A Glitch…. A Blip

A glitch…A blip…

An outright catastrophe…

Stress, strain, worry, tightness…

Hands clasped over my eyes,

Temples throbbing…heart aching…

Fear grips my heart.

I am uncertain.

I pause… I remember:

I have already won…

I have not given up…


I have already won.

The thought brings peace

To my sometimes cluttered mind

and calms my pounding heart.

Tension flows away.

As I renew my resolve- my commitment


Make a commitment this month to do whatever it takes to not give up.


Coach Sheri

Sheri Kaye Hoff
M.A. CGCL Life Coach and Author

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