Are You Looking for Inspired Methods to Create Your Path to Success?

Wow, it’s here. It’s July and that means Success Summit.
Are you looking for inspired methods to create your path to success? The Your Path to Success Summer Telesummit 7: BE the Inspiration- is the event designed to truly move you forward in your path to creating a successful and joy filled life. This FREE telesummit is July 19- July 29, 2011. In two weeks and with top experts- we will help you to:Discover, Create and Live Your OWN Path to Success!

During the telesummit, you will hear from celebrated transformational experts.

*Success Experts
*Learn from Thought Leaders

*Listen to Global Experts
12 Success Experts: Amethyst Wyldfyre, Mikael Sami-Kumara, Sharon Ball, Elizabeth Harper, Stephanie Mojica, Gena Livings, Hugh Taylor, Christy Calbos, Michele Caron, Kathryn Quintana, Sheri Kaye Hoff, Vimala Murali and Jennifer Pereyra
You will be:
Learning from Thought Leaders
Listening to Global Experts
Getting Superb Personal Leadership Tips
Finding out How to Balance it All
Using both Spiritual and Practical Techniques
Enhancing Your Physical Health
Flexing Your Mental Muscles
Becoming Inspired
***Plus, for the first time host Sheri Kaye Hoff (that’s me) is giving away the telesummit mp3
downloads for FREE.
To learn more about the expert presenters and to sign up for this FREE eventClick here:


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