Quick Steps to Power Up Your Prosperity

Quick Steps to Power Up Your Prosperity

Do you feel a bit stuck or maybe you have been spinning your wheels a bit regarding your goals?

Here is a summary of a quick method (courtesy of Catherine Ponder’s brilliant book- the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity) for freeing up your energy around your goals and get your prosperity consciousness in motion.

  1. Write it down. Write down everything that you want to achieve in a list and put a date by each item. So if it is debt you want to pay down- write down a target date right next to it. If you have a goal to write a book- write it down and put a date by it. Keep going with this list until you have written down everything that is on your radar for goals and put a date. Note: regarding the dates- don’t write a date that you think you can reasonably achieve the goal…write a date that you want to achieve the goal.  The idea is to shake things up. So you might write down dates that make you sweat a little. Go over this list several times every day, reviewing the items and dates. Change the list as you go along if something no longer resonates- or you achieve items.
  2.  Imagine it. Spend some time each day closing your eyes and visualizing yourself with these goals accomplished already. Add feeling to the visualization. Go into a dreamlike state and paint the picture.
  3.  Be Bold. Create affirmations around your goals and boldly declare them. This is not the time to be wimpy. These are your goals. Be bold. Be daring. Think big.  You can also write out affirmations several times.

For people who say, “this sounds too simple, how can it possibly work?”…there are plenty of anecdotal results written in hundreds of books about the power of writing things down, visualization, and affirmations…so why not try something that seems “too simple”? Why does it have to be hard? Let it be easy and flowing.

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Love and Rich Blessings,

Sheri Kaye Hoff

M.A. CGCL Life Coach and Author

One thought on “Quick Steps to Power Up Your Prosperity

  1. Great post, Sheri! Yes, form follows thoughts! Why not make it easy? Easy can be one of the affirmations, like “I create prosperity with ease!” and then we can listen to the Guidance about the inspired action to allow that. I like the suggestion to think bold creative thoughts, and dream BIG! Your post is full of the positive energy that you always share. Thank you, Sheri, for inspiring!

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