How many goals do you have with little or no progress?

Do you have some goals that you would like to accomplish over the next few weeks?

Are you having a hard time getting started? Or staying motivated?

Do you feel like your energy is a bit “off”?

How many goals are on your plate that show little or no progress?

How many goals have been on your list for weeks, months, or even years with little to no progress?

Our workshop is designed to move you forward using powerful coaching techniques and energy aligning/balancing work.

Learn and experience how to work through this 4 Key process with Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff and Energy Practitioner Crystal L Miller 

You are invited:

Four Keys to Goal Attainment Workshop Starts May 17, 2011 1pm pst/4pm est:

In this workshop with Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff and  Energy Practitioner Crystal L Miller you will learn and apply  four keys to achieving your goals and you will also experience your energy shifting positively during each session. Coach Sheri will take you through the learning points and Crystal will be working with the energy of the group to offer insight and energy balancing . If you are unfamiliar with energy work (Crystal’s energy work is not affiliated with any type of religion and works for people of all faith backgrounds), we will provide an explanation of her energy work at the beginning of the workshop.

Here is an overview of what we will cover: 

  • Create an inspired Vision. Your vision is an umbrella that covers your life. An inspiring vision motivates you to make it through tough stuff and uncovers creativity that lies within you. Develop a vision that contains clarity and conviction.
  • Develop a well-organized map. Develop an outline, mind-map, and/or a table with action steps for main elements of your vision statement. Include deadlines and timelines. Create your plan details in a way that builds confidence in your ability to work through each step.
  • Move through action steps while intrinsically motivated. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. Intrinsic motivation is neither the carrot nor the stick. Tapping your inner motivation will see you through to goal completion. Intrinsic motivation helps you keep your eyes on the big picture. Your motivation is the juice that drives achievement.
  • Celebrate your success and move to future success. Celebrate your accomplishments and see how your accomplishments naturally move to something else or become something else. Allow and stay open to the idea that you are always growing. Learn how to move your goal achievements to power up the next steps in your life. 

How does the class work? Sheri will coach you through each key and provide valuable exercises, and Crystal will be doing energy work on the call around each key. You will experience a multi faceted approach to help you achieve your goals and align your personal energy with your goals. When you sign up, you will receive a brief questionnaire about your goals (regarding at least one goal that can be achieved within six weeks and at least one big picture goal) and personal learning style. We will set energetic intentions around your completed profile to help enhance your results.

Click Here for more info and to hear a free preview:


Sheri Kaye Hoff

MA, CGCL Life Coach and Author

2 thoughts on “How many goals do you have with little or no progress?

  1. Sheri, I am so excited about offering this workshop with you! The information that you share is intuitive, brilliant and inspirational. I love the synergy that we bring when we work together. It is rewarding for me personally and I have set the intention that it will be very powerful for our workshop participants as well. The energy on the last call we did together was incredible and I can only imagine what can take place for people as they go into more depth in working on achieving their goals with this multidimensional approach.

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