Adding to the Joy, Taking the Sting Out of Disappointment

Adding to the Joy, Taking the Sting out of Disappointment

 by Sheri Kaye Hoff

When I look back…my girl friends have always been there for me- through the hard times, great times, and even the average every day times.  Girlfriendology…what does it mean to me?

 I remember the close friend who dragged me practically kicking and screaming to a rock concert two months after my brother died because she instinctively knew that even though I said I wanted to stay in the house and do nothing…I needed to be out among people and music. 

I think of my new sister in-laws and my mother in-law who threw me a baby shower and did everything because I was on bed rest with my first pregnancy.

I remember the hospital room filled with my best girl friends  after the birth of my first daughter and even better…they visited me at home…after the hoopla, when the fatigue of being up all night nursing was getting to me.

I remember the rush of supportive calls when my 2nd daughter was in a scooter accident that cracked her helmet and involved an ambulance ride along with hours of waiting for the injury report. She only bruised some of her internal organs- thank, God.

I remember all of the prayers when my son Nick had his first eye surgery.

I remember the celebration calls, notes, and visits when my first book was published.

I remember the feeling of dropping everything to listen and be supportive when I was needed.

I remember the countless lunches, dinners, phone calls, and walks entailing conversations about literally everything under the sun. Most of all, the feelings of loyalty permeated our relationships. 

Over the years, it is has been girl friend support…that added to the joy and took the sting out of disappointment.

With my girl-friends, we have been through cancer scares, cancer realities, triumph over cancer, relationship break ups, relationship beginnings, goals achieved, goal changes, travels, raising kids, financial windfalls, financial struggles, victories, and defeats. And we still get together (sometimes it is virtual) to laugh, lift each other up, comfort each other and offer encouragement. Some girl friends have been with me for a lifetime, some a decade or so, and some are new additions. Each are cherished and loved. Life would be so strange and different without them, I am not sure I would be completely me.

I am a guest on an upcoming broadcast On Friday May 13 at 2 pm EST for the Girlfriendology Radio Show

Girlfriendology BlogTalkRadio show – or call in (347) 426-3761 (to listen or call in). It is a great opportunity for women to call in (or chat online) and ask questions.



BIO: Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL  is a world- renowned Life Coach, Author of 3 books, and a College Professor. Coach Sheri knows what it takes to go from tragedy to triumph. She discovered her brother after his suicide death as a teenager and she struggled for years with sadness and depression. Eventually, she found her way back to both success and joy. Every day, Coach Sheri shares her coaching tips with individuals and groups. Her motto is BE the Inspiration

2 thoughts on “Adding to the Joy, Taking the Sting Out of Disappointment

  1. Sheri
    I could feel your compassion in your words how much you appreciate your girlfriends. A TRUE friend is a treasure. ENJOY the show. Bonnie

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