Twenty Affirmations for Positive Beliefs about YOU

Are your beliefs about yourself supporting you? Use these positive thoughts to build a strong sense of empowering self-belief.

1.     I am worthy.

2.     My beliefs support my goals.
3.     I am unique and have unique amazing gifts and talents.
4.     I am capable of reaching goals I set.
5.     I successfully manage my life.
6.     As I change my beliefs, I change my life.
7.     I am aware of my beliefs.
8.     I am creative.
9.     I successfully manage my life.
10. I am a great money manager.
11.  My body is fit and healthy.
12.   I make great choices about taking care of me.
13.   I am calm, and peaceful.
14.  The Universe is abundant.
15.   I always have more than enough.
16.   I have peace, passion, energy, and joy every moment of every day.
17.   I give generously.
18.   I am always attracting great opportunities to me.
19.    I enjoy my work/career.
20.   I am enthusiastic about life.
Excerpted from Living Successfully and Joyfully Everyday: 90 Days of Inspiration eBook
Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL Life Coach and Author

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