Carole’s Story – You can make a difference

As Michele Rodger, author of “Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem” was writing this book in tribute to her sister-in-law Carole’s life, she came into contact with so many people who wanted to support her cause, and her vision became crystal clear.  The more books she sold, the more she’d be able to donate portions of the proceeds towards supporting research for an alternative cancer treatment.

By purchasing “Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem” you have personally donated to The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.  A foundation which gave Carole hope with the thought that a possible cure was on the horizon.  Carole lost her life to stage 4 breast cancer in 2008, yet her spirit and zest for life lives on.  Portions of the books proceeds will continue to support the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation until a cure for this horrible disease has been found. 

On February 15, 2011 you have the opportunity to purchase a book about a truly magnificent person.  Carole’s story will take you on an adventure, which involves romance, courage, strength and hope.  Befriend her, as you travel with Carole through her life.  You will become empowered, your inner strength will be ignited and it will make you follow your heart.  Put your faith into action and start out on your own life-changing journey as well as taken action in Michele’s journey of HOPE.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author

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