Inspired: Top Ten Ways to Inspire Your Team

Every manager, leader, sports coach, life coach, entrepreneur wants to know how to inspire his or her team. Probably everyone has had an experience with an uninspired team, and if you are fortunate, you may also have experienced a highly motivated, inspired, and cohesive team experience. Through my observations and experiences here are ten top ways to inspire your team.

1. Get dirty.  Don’t just leave the grunt work to entry level or newest team members. Take out the trash, sweep the floors…every team should have a mentality that if there is a job that needs to be done- noone is above it. You inspire people if you see that something needs to be done and you do it.

2. Praise lavishly and sincerely.

3. Point out what is working. Yet, be diligent about maintaining high quality.

4. Offer encouragement when a person is struggling.

5. Be energetic and enthusiastic.

6. Have the courage to cut the strings. Not all team members work out. Have the personal strength to make the right decision for the team.

7. Get everyone on board with the goal and mission. Allow everyone to have a voice and contribute ideas.

8. Have a higher purpose. If your team designs widgets- focus on what that widget contributes to society and the greater good. Focus on how your high quality product or service contributes to the greater good. If you coach a sports team- how does the team impact morale of the community and provide role models for young people.

9. Volunteer together- whether it is walking in the Walk for the Cure- serving at a soup kitchen- volunteering together is uniting.

10. Create opportunities to bond- it doesn’t have to be an expensive retreat (although they are fun and worthy events if it is in your budget). Bonding could be a picnic, a potluck, a dinner at someone’s house, a dinner out, an activity, etc.

I have been blessed by being a part of several highly successful teams. One thing that I notice is that when people are part of a great team- they are highly committed and generally happier.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Life Coach and Author

3 thoughts on “Inspired: Top Ten Ways to Inspire Your Team

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  2. As I was reading through this list, I was thinking about different times I have been on winning teams and also coaches and teachers I’ve had along the way that subscribed to this way of thinking. It makes a difference. Beautiful post!

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