What Does Your Expression Reveal About You?

Do you ever notice that when you are people watching, you can often successfully predict a person’s success and happiness by looking at the expression on their faces? People with perpetual frowns seem to have faces that are permanently shaped into a frown, their faces droop, mouths turned down, eyes droop, shoulders slump… yet happy people seem to twinkle…they may have laugh lines and smile lines… I have also found that when I interact with people who seem to be in a perpetual frown…they are angry- glass half empty people.

Look in a mirror…what does your mirror tell you? (this is not the time to be critical of wrinkles, any perceived defects, etc) just notice the energy vibration of your expression. Does your expression tell a story of light, love and fun or does your expression exude strain, stress, unhappiness? This is yet another tool of self awareness…to help you to know YOU…so you can consciously choose how you think and be on a daily basis. (Note: some people have medical conditions that impact expression- and of course this expression analysis wouldn’t necessarily apply).

What do you do if you notice that you do have a strained expression…maybe you have a strained life right now, too? You can consciously work to relax those muscles. Sometimes I notice that when I am trying to solve a complex problem- my eyebrows seem to get tightened together and create lines of fierce concentration (I have a friend who is a surgeon and this happens to her every time she performs surgery). What I do is – I lightly apply pressure with my index finger between my eyebrows until the muscles relax.  The point is that the face reflects stress…and if you do nothing to alleviate the stress- the tension is not only building up in your face, but also in your body, mind and spirit. 

As you increase your awareness, you become empowered to affect change.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Life Coach and Author. www.lifeisjoyful.org

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