Uplifted, Top Ten Ways to Get Your Self There

You know that uplifted feeling- your heart is light, yet full, and you almost feel like you are not quite walking on the ground. Here are my top ten ways to be and feel uplifted. This top ten list includes higher ordered thinking and behaving…and it takes commitment to regularly practice them. But with some awareness and commitment…you will soon be feeling more uplifted on a regular basis.

1. Inspire and encourage someone else.

2. Make a lot of progress on a worthy goal.

3. Give generously.

4. Forgive liberally.

5. Allow negative feelings to wash away from you- nothing negative sticks to you.

6. Conquer a fear (eg traveling alone, public speaking, learning a new skill, etc)

7. See the big picture and be a part of the larger picture…not the small tiny picture.

8. See everything as a learning opportunity.

9. Love yourself deeply and unconditonally.

10. Love others deeply and unconditionally.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author. www.lifeisjoyful.org

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