Be the Inspiration and save up to 83 percent on Success Club

How would you like to not only get inspired…but become the inspiration to those around you?
I know you are an achiever, a striver, a doer, but you, just like everyone, need some support…some accountability…some inspiration…to help you make it all happen.
You can inspire..
You can BE the inspiration…
And I can show you how, in my super charged, energy filled, and joy-filled Your Path to Success Club program.
If you are not a Success Club member already…you can still join us…and save up to 83%.
We’ll focus on creating a joy filled and successful life for you, every moment of every day. And help you become the inspiration.
The principles and processes in my books can make a difference in your life. But changing a lifetime of habits isn’t easy.  And if you’re finding yourself falling back a bit, don’t worry, it’s completely normal.
Many people just like you tend to get better results with ongoing support and encouragement, and that’s what this program is all about.  I will personally work with you in a dynamic and lively group phone-coaching environment to set you on a course to achieving your life goals.
Let me share with you some of the life-changing discoveries you and I can be experiencing together over the next few months. Through my years of training, coaching, and mentoring people, I have developed this comprehensive, unique program.

Your Path to Success Club group coaching program combines personal mentoring and coaching, and telephone calls that supply you with whatever you need to complete and execute your plan for a joy filled and successful life.  Success club is now in it’s second year. And I am so proud of all of my first year members and happy that many are continuing into the second year.

In this success club program you’ll make these discoveries:
How to live successfully and joyfully no matter what is going on in your life
How to conquer limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals
How to cultivate thoughts that work for you and not against you
How to create a life of abundance and success
How to view time as a moldable gift
How to cultivate gratitude
How to work while inspired doing what you love
How to develop awareness to keep you on a path of success
How to Be the Inspiration
And so much more…
In the Success Club- you get two group coaching calls each month via conference call (the calls are typically on Tuesdays at 2pm pst.5pm est) If you cannot make the live call you get the mp3 download of the call. The next live call is Feb 8 at 2pm pst/5pm est.
You get unlimited email support from Coach Sheri.
You get Success Tips emailed to you.
 Plus you  will have access to a special page of valuable success downloads.
How much does this program cost?

It is $97 per month….but I have a special for you that expires in 48 hours:
You can get this 12 month program (you can opt out at any time) for $37 per month. (a 62% savings off regular price)  Click here to purchase
Or you can pay one low payment for an entire year of $197 (you save almost 83% -that is $967  off the regular price of this program.
Click here to purchase.
***I am only taking 20 new Success Club members at this price. If you click on the purchase link- it will only allow you to complete your purchase if you are one of the first 20 to sign up.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”
–Proverbs 23:7

You hold the key to having your heart thinking right.
Whatever you think about and internalize in your heart, is what you become.
Whatever you believe in your core or your spirit is what you become.

So what are you becoming?
Do you need more info? 

Click Here for more info on this life changing program. (Remember to purchase from the link in this email. The web page still has the regular price)

I would love to work with you.
Remember that this special is only good for 48 hours- it expires on Jan 27
at midnight PST.

Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff
Be the Inspiration
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