The Most Important Ingredient In Success

I am sharing a guest blog with you today from author and life coach, Amber Delwey ( a guest presenter on my telesummit next week- to register for this free event- Click Here)

It seems that the single most important ingredient in success is 100% commitment by Amber Delwey

This one thing allows everyone to turn any thing that might have before now considered “an obstacle, stumbling block, brick wall”, etc. into another avenue to achieving The Best outcome for our lives.

Consider these quotes as evidence:

“Always bear in mind, your resolution to success is more important than any one thing.” Abraham Lincoln

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, nota a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”~Vince Lombardi

“We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.”~Eric Hoffer

“Possibilities are endless as long as you possess the will to seek them out wherever they may be.”~Unknown

“Your own desire to find your destination is more valuable than strength itself.”~Unknown

In that act, 100% commitment to The Best Thing, getting along with people and attracting The Best people for you will fall right into line, as will the resources, ways and means to find direction to The Best Life you’ve never imagined! :)(:AmberLena:)(:

I will give you a personal example of this:

From the time I can remember, I wanted to be a published writer. As I got older, I thought that maybe a dream I would have to wait a very long time to achieve. Then I got caught up in the corporate world, and the task of making money for someone else. In my quest to learn to manage my stress and the disappointment that comes with trying to “achieve a certain income level”, I studied and practiced many energy balancing techniques. In those studies, I was exposed to a new vibration, one that was true to my heart, my entire Being. At first I was not aware that these “new to me” techniques were shifting the course of my life to match what I truly wanted with my 100%, total Being. These simple, mostly FREE or very inexpensive tips and tricks slowly and surely put my life path in cadence with The Best Thing that the Universe had in store for my time as a Human Being.

 Here I am, five years after being downsized from a management job, a published author of three (3) books! The major things I had to overcome were other people to do some of the work and finances to fund printing and promotion. Two years ago a free newsletter I signed up for had a free teleclass I could attend about something I had no idea existed, but had been praying, dreaming and visualizing how it would be if it were available: How to publish your own book for free. That one hour, free of charge, informational call I listened in on AND got to ask questions during was the workaround for a hurdle I had been trying years to figure out. I did most of the work (with the help of some family and friends).

All those years, I kept writing and compiling books and stories I wanted to publish. Because my entire Human Being has always been 100% committed to becoming a published writer sometime in my life. I wrote because I love to write and I knew someday I would be, people I have never met would read my work. Now I have the tool to do it. A tool that is The Best for me and my ways and means. Available at the precise time in my life I was ready to publish something because I had the time to do it and the experience to be thorough.

 Had I viewed the years it took me to find a way to become a published author as an “obstacle, stumbling block or brick wall”, I could very well still be wishing to be “Amber the inventor/author” instead of Being this person. Make no mistake; I have not always been able to view things that challenge me as simply different roads to the same place. And to this day I still have times when I get aggravated over things I have no control over. I get disappointed when things do not happen as I had envisioned. However, as I have continued to practice with and use the many balancing techniques of energy management, I see my life has been on The Best path possible to bring me to this moment of giving and receiving. To this now that is more amazing, more wonderful, more satisfying and so much more so that I had ever imagined! The Best Life the Universe has planned for me is always going to be so much more than I could ever imagine. Learning to be open and receptive to that vibration is key to supporting a 100% commitment to our dreams.

Thinking about your life and the path that you “think” you have been on, take a step back. Look very broadly including all areas of your life. Is it possible that twists and turns in your life up until now could possibly be steering you toward The Best Life you have never even thought of before? Deep down in the place of your Human Being where you know all is well and balanced there is a service that you enjoy giving to other and to the world. Has your life been subtly moving toward doing what you had always known deep down inside you should? Has your life ever seemed to take you in a direction that you did not expect and might not have been very comfortable or pleasant? Could it be possible that those events and circumstances were actually for The Best, to bring you to this moment where you are finding balance and oneness? Leave your thoughts and feelings!

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL Life Coach and Author

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