Tackling our Goblins

With January upon us, most of us are thinking, once again, about tackling our own goblins—all the things we want to change and improve on, with few of us realizing how to actually get where we want! Instead, we get stuck in the past, remembering our failures, focusing on our misfortunes, blinded by our fear. We have no plan . . . we have no map.

The truth is, if wanting was enough, we’d all have it—that dream job, perfect health, and soul mate relationship! If wanting was enough, we’d all have that great body, spiritual bliss, and financial independence!

. . . But wanting isn’t enough!

On Monday, January 17th, join my good friends—best-selling Hay House authors, Colette Baron-Reid and Crystal Andrus—for a free 90-minute life-changing conversation that will outline “The Map” that you must create in order to live the life you truly desire!

Both Crystal and Colette have overcome obstacles that would leave most feeling victimized and small and yet, both of these courageous women have transcended their journeys into personal greatness.

Make this the year that you finally get what you want!

For details on this free 90-minute call CLICK HERE!


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL Life Coach and Author


Keys to Living Joyfully

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