Becoming Aware of The Two Fold Path of the Passion-Preneur

Today I wanted to share a super guest blog from Amethyst Wyldfyre (one of my upcoming guests on the Your Path to Success Winter Telesummit: A New Year, A New YOU- Click Here to register for this free event

Becoming Aware of The Two Fold Path of the Passion-Preneur
guest blog by Amethyst Wyldfyre
Are you a Passion-preneur?  Did you receive a CALLING to step in to the work that you are presently engaged in?  Did you discover along the way to picking up all your Tools, Techniques and Training in your Area of Specialization that just being EQUIPPED to do the work wasn’t enough?  Did you suddenly find that you were Thrust into Entrepreneurship?  And did you discover that there was SO much more to learn – about being in business AND about yourself?

If you think about it – your business is a creation – an extension of you – an expression of your soul and your unique purpose and mission in the world.  There are some CORE components to any entrepreneurial venture and it is in one or more of these where soul lessons can be played out and gifts can be harvested!

For many Passionpreneurs the initial thrill of excitement at finding one’s purpose or path is a huge propellant that blasts you off on an incredible journey.  The deep love, passion and desire that one has to pursue and acquire the knowledge and wisdom of one’s craft is a powerful aphrodisiac that keeps you coming back for more – during this initiation phase you are swept up by the pure love of learning and remembering who you are and why you came to the planet at this time.  And then you arrive at a time when you realize that you have come to a certain point on the path where your calling shifts and you become aware that it is now time to turn back to the world and share those gifts, teachings and blessings that you have acquired by actually practicing and serving.

Here is where the journey can become quite a bit tricky – especially for the type of people that I find to be the ideal clients for the type of work that I am blessed to offer.  They may be an author – Is there a Book Inside of YOU? or an artist – Are you called to express your vision through paint, photography, color, design or constructions of some sort? They may be gifted in a particular aspect of transformational coaching or training – do you have “blueprint system” or a gift for speaking, technology, life or soul path work, social networking or one of many other myriad talents in specific areas of service?  They may be a alternative healer – someone who has been called to bring forth the gifts of divination, soul retrieval, karmic or ancestral clearing, psychic surgery, or initiation and activation of the light body – do you fit into this category?

Last time I checked there are PRECIOUS few big corporations out there that have a help wanted ad out for a shamaness, a poet or a speaker!  So what does that mean to you? Well it means you must, in addition to being courageous enough to step into your  passionate purpose, be courageous enough to walk away from the “corporate” support system which includes a regular paycheck, health benefits, often organized day care, on the job training reimbursement etc. etc. etc.  You must take the TWO fold path of practicing your craft AND being an independent Entrepreneur.

Like the initiatory steps in the journey to find, learn about, experience and practice the craft that is your PASSION.  There are also initiatory steps and sign posts along the journey of entrepreneurship.  And as NO TWO JOURNEY’s are EVER alike – it’s always a good thing to have some MAPS and more often than not to have some MENTORS who have traveled the path ahead of you in the various skill areas that are needed to be mastered in order for you to not only deliver on your mission but for you to grow and thrive as an entrepreneur.  Let’s face it – if you are not delivering your mission through a business operation – you are merely a hobbyist.  However if you have the fearlessness to step in fully you can – through the creation of a THRIVING entrepreneurial operation – leave a LASTING LEGACY in the form of your business!

To keep things simple I have begun to track how the energy of the soul intertwines with and creates the soul of the business and I have uncovered four key areas of business where you can FOCUS your attention and intention that form the foundation of a successful business enterprise – and I use these five letters S C O R E to talk about both the areas of entrepreneurship and the energetic practices that can help to shift an enterprise from barely hanging on to thriving (or help you to make the tough decision if necessary to allow it to die a graceful death and determine what the lessons and gifts were from the experience!).

I would love to explore the S.C.O.R.E practices and areas with you – if you feel that you are really ready to create a DIVINE UNION between your spiritual blessing or gift that you have to offer to the world and your entrepreneurial enterprise – so that both aspects – the foundation of the business and the fluid delivery of your gifts – can dance in harmony and allow you to enjoy the fruits of the endless flow of abundance that is your birthright!

I’m grateful to Coach Sheri for the opportunity to serve this community through the
Your Path to Success Winter Telesummit: a New Year, A New YOU.  I hope you enjoy this post and my call on January 15th – please be sure to visit our gift to you at

In Loving Service – Amethyst Wyldfyre of The Energy

I hope you enjoyed Amethyst’s guest blog…

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author

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