Knowing Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose and living in alignment with your purpose is supremely fulfilling.

These days, many people talk about purpose and you might be thinking… “what the heck is my purpose? I have tried so many things…”

or maybe you are thinking “I have only done this one thing…and I don’t really like it but I am scared to try something new”

or if you are very fortunate…you know that you are living your purpose right now or you are very close to your purpose.

Purpose is what gives life its meaning. Purpose helps us keep a steady path and gives us the strength to make it through any difficult times. Purpose is beyond your job…beyond your roles that you live in your life.

Your purpose is the YOU that is inspired…the you that makes a difference…the YOU that loves living your life. When passion and purpose intersect…the dynamic is nothing short of spectacular.

Take some time to uncover your passions and purpose. You might do this through journaling, meditating, walking, being silent…or any other way that you quiet your soul.

You already have your purpose deep inside of you…you can allow it and encourage it come forward. And your purpose will likely grow and change over the years…keep your heart open…


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author

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