Methods for Setting Priorities and Planning

Since it is the New Year…and we are all planning away for a rocking 2011, I thought I would include some popular methods for prioritizing your days.

Methods for Setting Priorities and Planning

80/20 rule:  states that people spend 80% of their time accomplishing 20% of their to-do lists. If you have a list of ten things, select your top two to make sure that they get done during the day. Then work your way down the rest of the list. ( Koch)

A, B, C :   Make your list and assign priorities A for the most important, B for the next , and C for the least. Work on your A items first. Then B, etc.  If an item on your list is consistently a C item and remains on your list unaccomplished for days, consider removing the item from your list or reassign the priority level.

1, 2, 3:    Same idea as A, B, C but using numbers instead

Yes, no, maybe: Assign values to your to do list based on:  yes, I must do this today; maybe I will do this today; or no I will not do this today.

Covey’ s 4 Quadrants. (from Seven Habits for Highly Effective People)

The goal is to spend majority of time in Quadrant 2, then Quadrant 1.

6 Most Important Things to Do List:  Make a list of your six most important things to do each day. As each is accomplished , cross it off the list. If anything is left on the list, it goes on the next day’s list and stays on the list until accomplished or priorities change. ( I first learned about this in a book written by Mary Kay Ash).

The above methods are suggestions to get you started, pick one that seems workable and suited to your style and your life.

Whatever you decide to use…the idea is that a person needs to be able to decide what is important…and act on that rather than being paralyzed by a huge unmanageable list.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL. Life Coach and Author

5 thoughts on “Methods for Setting Priorities and Planning

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  2. So true, thankx for the reminder. I have to do lists and not everything gets done because i have them prioritized lol. Thankx. new subscriber/follower

    1. In my experience…almost everyone feels a bit challenged when it comes to setting priorities:) It is a challenge to get the right things done…I really appreciate your comments and thanks for stopping by. Sheri

  3. I’m sure that you know from teaching college that getting students to set priorities is a challenge. I work with college freshmen, and I try to explain how important these skills are for success in life. Also, the brain likes priorities. It just makes everything so much easier.

    1. Hi Joyce, In the past, I taught a class that was a type of College Success class…and yes I found most of the students really benefited from learning how to prioritize…These days there is such a busy buzz around most people…many , if not most, get completely overwhelmed and need to be able to figure out what is the most important thing…then the next…etc. So nice to meet you and thank you for visiting. Warmest, Sheri

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