It’s 2011…make it the best year of your life

It’s 2011…How are you going to make it the Best Year of Your Life?

Start with a goal poster. Cut up pictures, captions, etc from magazines (they should be meaningful to you) and put on a poster board. (If you have kids…have them create one, too). Once you are finished, put up your poster in a prominent place. I have mine in my Master Bathroom. 

Then, make a list of the experiences you desire-More peace? More passion? More energy? More joy? Focus on how these experiences contribute to your life. What does having more peace mean to you? Does it mean deep, restful sleep and/or an overall feeling of relaxation? What about passion? Do you truly love what you do? If not, how can you change it or eliminate it? If you need more energy, what foods are you eating and what are you doing to move your body? If you  desire more joy, are you living in the moment , forgiving people, forgiving yourself, and focusing your thoughts in the right direction? Reflect on these questions in your journal.

Establish a ritual that starts each day. Mine is listening to music, lighting candles, using essential oils (pomegranate is my favorite), praying, meditating, and writing in my journal.

Trust your intuition to guide you in taking on new projects and opportunities. If you need some inspiration around taking action steps. Check out my new audio Inspired Action.

Sending blessings and love to you this year.

I wish you the best year of your life.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author

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