Overwhelm, Root Canals, and Anxiety: One of the Greatest Days of My Life

This morning started off with an argument (those who know me are probably shocked). Yes, I did say argument…I know…I know…you can’t imagine me shouting. I generally live my life fairly conflict free and in a place of calm, peace, and happiness…But, I do have my moments…

Right after this argument…I got a phone call that my 5 pm root canal could be moved to noon. Yay…I wouldn’t be battling rush hour…oops..wait a minute…I am not mentally prepared for it…Oh well. Thankfully, my daughter was available to drive me as I have severe dental anxiety. In the car, I was holding my amethyst in my hand…turning it over and over…and trying to do some deep breathing…and to go into a light state of meditation and prayer…

Then Crystal called me…she is a beautiful, energy healer and dear friend. She had sensed that I was in overwhelm. Our plan was that she would do some energy work for my 5pm apppointment…moving the appointment seemed to change everything. Yet, Crystal was a calm, peaceful loving voice on the phone. I immediately felt clear, calm, and prepared. She told me she would be sending light during the whole procedure and that she would be with me in spirit.  I felt refreshed after our call and walked into the building for my appointment.

As I sat in the chair, my dentist said…if you feel any pain at any time…raise your hand to let me know…I raised my hand immediately…he gave me a questioning look…I said, “I am in the dentist chair…it’s painful.” and he laughed. My daughter was in the room with me, too.

As everything started…I felt some fear…then it melted away…I went into a deep state of relaxation and I closed my eyes…I felt like I was outside of my body watching the procedure. I didn’t feel a thing. I felt Crystal with me, I felt a bright light of love surrounding me…amazingly…I felt incredibly spiritually connected. Even more shocking…it seemed to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I know I won’t have any future medical procedure without Crystal’s distant energy work…she is such a blessing. And so you know…I didn’t even know much about energy work- couple of years ago…I thought it was something too “woo-woo” for me…and I have found over the last year…that my experiences with Crystal’s energy work have always been positive, healing, and wonderful experiences. Crystal is gifted and she is the first one to say that the healing power comes from the Divine…and she just steps aside and allows Divine guidance.

To contact Crystal Miller…visit her blog here http://www.crystallynnmiller.com/

I had to share this experience with you today…and I am sending love, peace, passion, energy, and joy to you:)



Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL,Life Coach and Author http://www.lifeisjoyful.org

4 thoughts on “Overwhelm, Root Canals, and Anxiety: One of the Greatest Days of My Life

  1. Wonderful story — love it!

    During all three of my pregnancies, I had lots of dental problems (which is pretty typical for many moms-to-be). Darn those doggone hormones! At last count, I’ve had a total of 12 root canals. Ouch.

    After reading your post, I sure wish I could have asked for Crystal’s distant energy work!! People can call it woo-woo all they want. Sounds to me like it works!

    So happy to hear you had a pleasant experience in the dental chair. Going to the dentist is one of the most anxiety-provoking experiences known to man (well, known to ME, anyway) 🙂

    1. Interesting that you said that about pregnancy…my problems with that tooth did start when I had my son ten years ago:) I am so excited…I feel like I have found the grail as far as making those dental appointments smooth and flowing:)

  2. Wow, Sheri! Thanks for sharing this experience with others. It was an amazing, deeply spiritual experience for me too. I am so glad that I could “be there” with you and provide support! It is interesting that the time was changed. The night before, I kept hearing “12:00, send energy at 12:00”. I love energy and Divine guidance and how we are supported.

    I did some distant energy work before for someone else having a root canal and was guided very specifically on how to move the energy. I was amazed when she called me and described the energy she felt in the exact way that I was guided to move it! It was a very peaceful experience for her too.

    Everyone and every situation is different, and with you, I was not only “by your side” but I saw the two of us above your body working together to bring peace and healing to you as we looked at you in the chair below. So cool that you felt as if you were outside your body since that is what I saw too! I was in a deep meditative state during this time, listening to guidance on how to best support you. It was an incredible peaceful experience for me as well.

    You were surrounded by Light and Love as I was guided to continue to surround you with energy head to toe. I alternated from this to working on your jaw to help bring any healing or relief needed there, also continuing to provide energy of peace and calm throughout the procedure. Thank you for letting me provide this support for you. Thank you for being the wonderful, loving energy that YOU are. You are a joy to know and I am so blessed you are such a dear friend!

    Blessings, peace and love!

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