The Quest for Perfection

Are you on a quest for perfection? I can completely relate to you. I  have been there…engaged in a quest for perfection. Guess what happened? I felt constantly frustrated. Yes, I would have moments of elation when I felt I had delivered as close to perfection as I could get…yet I seemed to live most of my life in dissatisfaction. As soon as I seemed to get close to perfection in one area…I would see other areas that were far from perfect.

Let go…and live in the moment. Any perfectionist is always living in the future…a future where some day the world is perfect.  Even though I have let go of the quest…I still believe in and strive for quality, yet I am satisfied, happy, and revel in the effort.  As you reflect over 2010 and look forward to 2011, it is easy to have the perfectionist lenses in your glasses, try to approach this reflection and anticipation with peacefuland loving  thoughts towards yourself and others.  I had to work at this today …when my husband told me this morning that I sounded just like his mother.I do love his mother…but you get the idea…it wasn’t the greatest moment of our almost 18 year marriage. We did end up laughing about it. You see…you can bring love, peace, and laughter in…and let perfection release and lift away from you like a deep breathe out.

What is your goal anyway? Most likely, some piece of the goal or maybe the whole thing is to be some version of successul, happy, relaxed, peaceful, connected, and loved. None of those are tied to perfection…they are really aspects of soul fulfillment.

You can learn how conscious thinking, unconditional love, your system of beliefs, and your inspired action come together to living successfully and joyfully everyday in my new eBook..this eBook also comes with over $1000 in bonus gifts (I just added three new gift partners over the last week) to give you solid tools, tips and techniques on happily living the life you really want. (none of these tools are trying to make you perfect or make you think you need to be perfect…they are focused on helping you be your authentic self). My bonus gift partners are some of my best friends in the coaching world: Eva Gregory, Mary Allen, Michele Caron, Chantal Beaupre, Linda Hardenstein, Maria Erving, Crystal Miller, Michelle Shaeffer, Tomar Levine, Amber Delwey, Janet Nestor, and Stephanie Mojica

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Sheri Kaye Hoff, Life Coach and Author

5 thoughts on “The Quest for Perfection

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  2. Hi Sheri,

    When it comes to perfectionism, I’ve been there as well… until I realized how miserably anxious I made myself in the process.

    Today, I live by the “good enough” philosophy… but nothing’s perfect and I still face some relapses now and then. I guess that’s what it really is to be a human being!

    In happiness and joy,

    1. Hi Chantal,
      Thank you so much for sharing…Perfectionism is anxiety producing…I have also noticed that when I feel anxious…I slip into demanding perfection…or seeing every imperfection…so I have learned to watch from both sides…if I am too anxious…I know to watch out for the perfectionist in me….and when I am in the midst of a “perfectionist” moment…I do an anxiety check in…life is a learning process…I am thankful that I live more and more of my time in places of peace and joy:) Sheri

  3. Oy!

    I’ve been battling perfectionism for more years than I care to count — I would venture to say since kindergarten.

    As soon as I hear the word or see it in print, I immediately recoil. It always takes on such a negative connotation and makes me feel like I’ve got some horrible blemish, bad mark, or awful disease.

    Intellectually, everyone (including me!) is aware that nothing and no one in life is perfect. Never has been and never will be. It’s an uphill battle, though, when you’ve become your own worst enemy and your own biggest critic.

    However, it’s not impossible to overcome perfectionism. I’ve started my journey with housework. I’ve progressed to the point where I can ignore the dusty furniture and dirty dishes for longer than a day. The world won’t stop spinning on its axis if my home isn’t “perfectly” clean. 🙂

    Great post!

    1. Melanie,
      I love your comment “the world won’t stop spinning on its axis”… you are so inspiring to me…I love that you started with your home…I think people should be able to relax at home:) Sheri

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