No More New Year’s Resolutions

I use to be the person who made lists and lists of new year’s resolutions. Items on  my list were usually exercising, dropping the weight gain from the holidays, working toward’s a promotion at work, saving more money, etc. Then about four years ago…I made the resolution to make no resolutions. How liberating. Did I stop planning? No. This is the shift that I made:

Instead of creating lists of goals, I changed over to creating  a visualization of the entire year, inlcuding painting a picture of my life having accomplished all of my goals already. First, I write it all down (it is usually several pages), then I practice the visualization. So for instance, right now, I am visualizing as if it is Dec 9, 2011 and reflecting back over 2011 appreciating everything in my life. In my picture, I include my business, my personal life, my family life, my spiritual life, my intellectual life, etc…it is the whole picture with very part of me.

What I noticed is that I am easily able to create the feeling of accomplishment…which is the vibration that a person needs in order to manifest successfully.

I am curious about how you handle the idea of New Year’s Resolutions? Do you make them? Do you keep them? Do you do something differently?


Sheri Kaye Hoff

Life Coach and Author of the brand new eBook Living Successfully and Joyfully Everyday: 90 Days of Inspiration

4 thoughts on “No More New Year’s Resolutions

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  2. I love this post “no resolutions”. I think most people end up feeling disappointed when they don’t accomplish their resolutions, which becomes counter productive. I’ve tried this visualization with Sheri and it is powerful! A great way to align with the feeling of what you desire and then bring that feeling to your experience in the present moment. Thanks Sheri, for sharing such helpful tips with such a joyful heart!

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