So What Exactly is the Big E?

New Book Recommendation:

So what exactly is the Big E?  Well, it’s kind of like the Big O, only better because it’s everywhere all the time. It’s ENERGY!


In their new book, The Big E: Everything is Energy, Unleashing the Power of Everyday Wisdom, authors Jarrad Hewett and Dee Wallace have cracked the energy code, inviting you to use The Big E to get more of what you want out of life.


When you look at everything as just a part of The Big E, you begin to see how amazingly connected everything truly is – and how your energy (how you create you!) creates your life.


So why is this book better than the rest?


The genius of The Big E examines all the “truths” and idioms we’ve been handed down and grown up with over time. Turns out, a lot of these “truths” are actually sabotaging the creation of what we’re consciously asking for.


Buy it today @ and get a TON of great gifts!



Sheri Kaye Hoff

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