Success Tools, Tips, Techniques from the Fall Success Summit

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you who participated in the Fall Success Summit that was held Nov 1-Nov 12.

This event was all about you…you finding inspiration, tools, and techniques to move your life and/or biz forward. I felt so blessed by all of the email and twitter comments during the two week event.

A huge thank you goes out to the fabulous guest speakers:

Lena Salonikas, Stephanie Mojica, Michele Caron, Tomar Levine, Renee Shupe, Melanie Kissell,Michelle Shaeffer, Chantal Beaupre, Doug Jarvie, and Janet Nestor.

I also wanted to share with you my top five takeaways from each presentation.

By the way- I heard from several people who were traveling over the weekend and missed the info on the VIP expiration date- so, I also am extending the VIP upgrade – it will expire midnight on November 16. This is your final opportunity to get the ten mp3 downloads for all presentations and over $1500 in bonus gifts.

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My Top Five Takeaways from Each Guest:

The Day 1 Kick off for the Fall Success Summit featured Lena Salonikas discussing Your Roadmap to Success. My takeaways from Lena’s presentation were:

1. Defining what success is to you.
2. Creating your purpose, vision, and mission.
3. Carefully developing a success mindset.
4. The importance of awareness
5. Using the Proof of Positive to help conquer your limiting beliefs…

From Day 2 of the free Fall Success Summit with my guest presenter Stephanie Mojica, here are my takeaways on: Everyone is a Writer at Heart- 3 Keys to Great Content:

1. Anyone can shift from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking
2. Authenticity is vital to great writing
3. Everyone can write, you just need a message
4. Start somewhere- blogging, article writing…
5. Stephanie is an inspirational person who is an overcomer….

Day 3 of the Fall Success Summit featured Coach Michele Caron and her topic was “The Only Constant is You” My takeaways from Michele’s superb presentation are:

1. Your environment does not have to have a negative impact on you.
2. Connecting with your true self is a key to success.
3. Listen to internal cues in discovering your passions.
4. Engage in ways to connect with your higher self- through music, exercise, nature, meditation..
5. You can’t control all of the things in your environment, but you do have control over your Self.

Day 4 of the Fall Success Summit featured Coach Tomar Levine as she spoke about how changing your money beliefs, changes your life. My takeaways from this presentation include:

1. We carry around beliefs about money that perhaps do not serve us well.
2. We can release limiting beliefs
3. When we release limiting beliefs, it is important to replace them with positive beliefs
4. It is important to bring those limiting beliefs into our conscious awareness.
5. It doesn’t have to be hard to release limiting beliefs- sometimes just bringing them into conscious awareness is enough to release some of them.

Day 5 of the Fall Success Summit featured Renee Shupe discussing Your Business, Your Life. My takeaways from Renee’s presentation:

1. Stop talking and planning…take action.
2. Know what you don’t want to do.
3. Know what is important to you.
4. Go for balance…and it means different things to different people.
5. Keep your sense of humor.

Day 6 of the Fall Success Summit featured Melanie Kissell speaking about Your Digital Body Language- Biz Blogging For Success. My takeaways from Melanie’s presentation are:

1. Convey the message in your blog that you are approachable, here to serve, and you  want to get to know people better.
2. Use your real name.
3. Have contact information available.
4. Give away free stuff with your Opt In box.
5. Fill your blog with information rich content that educates.

Day 7 of the Fall Success Summit featured Michelle Shaeffer discussing Building Successful Biz Relationships Online My takeaways from Michelle’s presentation are:

1. Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge
2. Be a giver – help others out
3. Reward people who comment on your blog
4. Offer multiple ways to connect
5. Be your authentic you!

Day 8 of the Fall Success Summit featured Chantal Beaupre discussing the Secret Code to Happiness and Success. Here are my takeaways from her presentation:

1. Your thoughts largely establish your emotional state.
2. You can diligently work to change your thoughts.
3. We carry around a lot of false thoughts.
4. When we add “story” to a fact, is when we attach an emotion.
5. People really can change their thoughts.

Day 9 of the Fall Success Summit featured Doug Jarvie, as he discussed methods for intentional living. My takeaways from his presentation:

1. Put a plan in place.
2. Have someone hold you accountable.
3. Visualize your goals.
4. Know how you spend your time- make decisions on how you want to spend your time.
5.Study how you spend your money- this gives you big clues on what is important to you. Is this in alignment with your core values?

The Final Day of the Fall Success Summit featured Janet Nestor, author of the book, Pathways to Wholeness. My takeaways from her presentation:

  1. It is important to get centered.
  2. Mindfulness creates success.
  3. Living with mindfulness brings happiness.
  4. Start and end your day with an intention.
  5. Listen for your next thought…

Want to make these guests part of your success library where you can listen anytime you need inspiration?

Click Here to get your VIP upgrade now.

Thank you again, I am always so honored, humbled, and blessed with the Summits. This is Summit number four and each summit has yielded aha moments, mini miracles, paradigm shifts, and so much positive energy for all involved. If you attended the Fall Success Summit- I would love to hear about your successes during this two week event- Please share…


Sheri Kaye Hoff,

Life Coach and Author of Keys to Living Joyfully

2 thoughts on “Success Tools, Tips, Techniques from the Fall Success Summit

  1. I was absolutely jazzed to be in the line-up, Sheri, and I’m exceptionally proud to have you in my circle of influence!

    Thanks for hosting and orchestrating a wonderfully worthwhile event. 🙂


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