Sometimes You are the Bug

“… sometimes you’re the BUG!”

It’s an old saying …


“Sometimes you’re

the windshield, and

sometimes you’re

the bug!”


Yes, sometimes you succeed.

At other times … you FAIL! 






So, how do you turn your failures, frustrations, challenges, and setbacks into SUCCESS?

How do you OVERCOME the obstacles in your way?

How do you get BEYOND the past … and remove the barriers that have held you back?

That’s what my friend Suzanna Abbott is asking me when she interviews me during her “FAILURE TO FEARLESS” telesummit series.

You get to attend and listen in for FREE. 

In fact, you can attend ALL 20 calls in this telesummit series as my GUEST.

Register here: 

I think you’ll LOVE my interview with Suzanna.

But, I also think you’re REALLY going to learn and grow from the other 19 guest experts as well.

Grab this opportunity while it’s available.

Register NOW:

See you on the call …


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author of the book Keys to Living Joyfully

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