Be Love Now

A beautiful and timeless  theme this year with some of my favorite authors  is the emphasis on love- with love- all things are possible. Here is a new book recommendation:

What if the secret to having all the love you’ll ever want or need was available to you in one small book?  That would be convenient, wouldn’t it? Well now it is!

Ram Dass presents his newest teaching: BE LOVE NOW. 

In Ram Dass’ newest book, he provides you a simple yet effective switch for changing your perspective – the key to ultimately releasing your greatest potential and changing your life. 

Ram Dass tackles those questions we all ponder at some time in our life:  who am I…what should I be doing…what is my life’s purpose…

And shows us it’s not in the knowing or in the doing but in the being and the loving.

Buy Ram Dass’ book today and you’ll receive lots of wonderful free goodies AND the chance to win tickets to a concert with Krishna Das in NYC (transportation not included)!

Spiritual teachings are timeless.  Buy Ram Dass’ book today.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author

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