Let’s reset, recalibrate…

What is one of the traits that successful people have in common? Successful people have the ability to reset or recalibrate after a dissappointment or setback.  If you quickly get yourself back in the game and are able to sort of push the “reset” button for yourself…you will be able to bounce back and move forward. I especially notice this with sports. I notice when I watch football games that some teams seem to get mentally shaken after a bad call, a bad play, or an injured player while other teams rally and rise to the challenge and become even better throughout the game. This is a great metaphor for what happens to us in every day life, too.

One of the elements that factor into whether or not you can quickly reset- is the level of self awareness you bring to the situation. Quickly noticing that you are shaken up helps you to reset. When you are “numb” or in “denial” you will stay down longer.  A key to this self- awareness is to check in with yourself after a mistake, a setback….whatever you experienced. As you check in- take a  few deep breaths and mentally tell yourself  “I am resetting” or “I am calm, I am centered” ..”I am strong”….or “I release and let go of…” 

Resetting helps your focus and your energy.

My wish for you is to live successfully and joyfully every day.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author


3 thoughts on “Let’s reset, recalibrate…

  1. Great post, Sheri. I really like the affirmations that you shared as a way to reset. It puts a positive energy into it instead of adding to the upset or spiraling downward. I like the idea of acknowledging that we are shifting with loving affirmations to ourselves and getting back on track or onward to an even better path!

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