Playing Full Out: 10 Ways to Engage in the Game of Life

Lena Salonikas is my kick off presenter for the Fall Success Summit on Nov 1. Lena always brings great energy and success idea to the table- that is what I love about her. Please enjoy her guest blog:

Playing Full Out: 10 Ways to Engage in the Game of Life

Why is it that are so many books, movies and teachers that provide people with lessons of success yet so few are able to really create the life they desire?

Although the lessons may be straight forward, the application of the lesson may not be so easy for the quick fix, instant gratification world that we live in. And it is in the application of the lessons that we make the shift from learning, thinking and dreaming about success to engaging in the game of life and winning.  

How can we make that shift to stop learning and start living? In three little words: Play Full Out.

Playing Full Out means to step into action; to take on the role that you want to play in the game of life and really make it yours. It means choosing what you want to create and allowing yourself to be the person that attracts it in.

Here are some steps you can take to step into your game of life, play more fully and move further along your path to success. The first three steps are about getting in touch with what you want and who you are. The rest are ways that you can start playing full out.

1. Choose what it is that you want to create. You can’t create something if you don’t know what you want. Don’t know what you want? Take a look at what you don’t want and think about what would make it better.

2. Get clear about and connected to what you chose in step one. Think about all the details involved, what does it look, sound, feel, taste and smell like? Really think about it and get emotionally connected to how you will feel when you manifest it.

3. Imagine what you’ll be like when you manifest your desire. What kind of person are you now? What did you do that helped you to create your desired outcome? What did you let go of? What did you allow in? What are the characteristics, strengths, values and talents that you now have?

4. Choose to take on one or more of the characteristics that you uncovered in step three and start being/embodying it now.  For example, is one of the characteristics that you are fearless? Then if you are faced with something that you don’t want to do ask yourself what you’re afraid of. Then ask yourself if you were fearless, how would you approach the situation and then do it! (Use caution and don’t do anything that jeopardizes your safety)

As you get comfortable with that characteristic, add another one in, and then another, and so on.

5. Take inspired actions. Listen to your heart, intuition, gut, inkling, promptings or whatever else you want to call it and take the actions that are associated…you know the ones….the actions that you just get the feeling to do.

6. Surround yourself with like minded people. Being around others that are also creating things and playing a bigger game in life will help to keep you positively focused and motivated.

7. Act as if. Don’t wait for if and when to occur – do it now on the scale that you can and most importantly get yourself into the atmosphere. Go on a luxury home tour and feel what it is like to be in a mansion. Test drive your dream car, or go talk to a sales person about it. Start being a philanthropist now and donate what you can to somewhere/someone that inspires you.

8. Be radically responsible for living by your values. Identify what your values are and choose to do things based on them, and only based on them. Take a stand for who you are and choose to do things that are a reflection of that.

9. Do something brave every day. Take actions daily that are brave for you. For a shy person it could be brave to strike up a conversation in a coffee shop. Likewise for someone that talks all the time spending time in silence can be a scary prospect. Or maybe being brave to you is having the courage to speak your mind. Do something that takes courage for you to do. You’ll grow in ways you never imagined and have a fuller life as a result.

10. Have as much fun as you can. Life should be fun and the more fun you’re having, or the more you experience joy, the higher a vibration you stay in. The higher the vibration you are in, the lower the resistance you have and the easier it is to allow your desires to come to you.

What/who do you choose to be and what can you do to really step into that role and play full out?

© Lena Salonikas, 2010 Lena Salonikas is a Success Coach and Mind Trainer with a unique perspective on creating flow between logical and esoteric thoughts and actions. Using various modalities, Lena works with her clients to blend their practical knowledge and spiritual guidance, resulting in greater success and living a life of inspired prosperity. Sign up for her newsletter at

Note: You can hear Lena live on the Fall Success Telesummit on Monday Nov 1.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL

Life Coach and Author

3 thoughts on “Playing Full Out: 10 Ways to Engage in the Game of Life

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  2. Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of Your Path to Success! I really enjoyed putting this together for you and being part of the summit.

    There’s a lot of information in the article, the call AND the ebook everyone registered gets to download for free. Please, if anyone has any questions or comments, connect with me here or through my site….or facebook…or twitter… 🙂

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