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I have a great guest blogger for you today: Stephanie Mojica. Stephanie recently co lead my How to Write a Book Fast and Fabulously Workshop with me. She is a brilliant writer and prosperity thinker. Stephanie is also one of my featured guests next week on the Fall Success Summit . Enjoy her suggestions.

All About Content Writing Secrets: Everyone Truly Is A Writer at Heart By Stephanie Mojica 

Content writing isn’t as mysterious as it may sound, and it’s the focus of my upcoming teleseminars as well as the eBook “How One Writer Shifted From Settling for $12 an Hour to Prospering at Over $90 an Hour.”

I’m one of those fortunate people who knew almost from the moment I could read at the age of three that I loved writing.

Unfortunately, it took almost 27 years for me to realize that there’s no crime in learning content writing secrets to make money.

I’ve had my share of glamorous writing jobs over my 13-year journalism career. I’ve interviewed celebrities, including now-President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign.

But glamour feeds the ego, not the soul nor does it fill the refrigerator in most cases.

We live in a society where people want content writing that they can read fast and they wanted it yesterday.

Fast writing always came easily to me, but using it for the Web it felt like “selling out” until I started using law of attraction principles in my life.

Women who literally can’t leave the house due to disabilities are earning real money at home writing. People who barely finished high school, or dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances. Ivy League PhD’s are content writing to get through the economic challenges of our era. All these people, as long as they can follow some basic guidelines for content writing, can make as much or more than they did working at jobs outside of the home.

 Not to mention, learning just a few content writing secrets through coaching sessions, eBooks, and teleseminars can completely remove long commutes from your workday.

I once drove 3 hours round-trip each day to go to a print newspaper job that barely paid minimum wage.

Now I can work six hours and make more than I ever earned in a week at most jobs.

You can also use content writing secrets to promote your business or add side income to your life even if you never considered yourself a true writer.

Everyone is a writer at heart. I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, November 2,  to hear more about my content writing secrets…

You truly have everything it takes to fulfill your financial destiny and also spend more time with those people you love doing the activities you enjoy.

Stephanie Mojica

 Note: I so appreciate Stephanie’s wisdom and experiences that she shares with people. I know if you listen to her presentation on Tuesday- you will come away with some new tools.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL

Life Coach and Author

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