Relax, Get Calm, Get Centered

I love this meditation video with the quotes…I feel so inspired and relaxed. Take time out of your day to enjoy this and be refreshed, feel calm, and centered.

In the spirit of relaxation…I also wanted to share one of my poems with you today:

A Quiet Northern Lake

Tall green trees meeting the sky…

Sparkling dark cold water…

The sun begins to shine.

I push my small canoe

from shore

gently stepping in.

A quiet balance…

I paddle around the bend.

Alone on the lake…

not a soul in sight.

I lean back and trail my fingers through

the northern waters.

Sighing, I rest.

The sun is warm,

yet the air is chilly.

Ducks look at me tentatively,


The lake is the same

as I remembered.

Comforting me.

Welcoming me.

Giving to me.

My heart holds this lake close

when I am far away.

My mind relives the simple, sweet memories.

You were still alive.

I am thankful that I have…

My canoe. My lake. My memories of you.

May you have a few relaxing moments today…


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author of the Book Keys to Living Joyfully

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