Some Sensational Bloggers

I love reading many, many blogs- here are a few I recommend (I have my fave blogging subjects in parenthesis next to each bloggers name):

Chantal Beaupre (The Thoughts We Think)  Chantal ( a very dear soul)  is a featured guest on the Upcoming Fall Success Summit  and is coauthor for the book It’s the Thought That Counts

Eva Gregory (LOA)  Eva is the author of the book: The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and one of my favorite people to interview on the planet.

Susan Carstens (Emotional Intelligence)  Susan is a life coach, project manager, and cat lover (one of the many reasons why I love her so much).

Doug Jarvie (Accountability) Doug brings together logic and intuition and has quickly become one of my favorite people  to engage in discussion. Doug is a guest on the Upcoming Fall Success Summit

Linda Hardenstein (Conquering Overwhelm)  Linda is a life coach who brings peace to any office environment and is a successful business writer, as well.  I am blessed to have Linda in my inner circle.

Tomar Levine (Living a Great Life at Any Age) http ://  Tomar is a life coach and  brings freshness and vibrance to any situation. Tomar is a guest on the Upcoming Fall Success Summit

Michelle Shaeffer (Small Biz Growth)  I met Michelle through the Ultimate Blog Challenge and love her innovative ideas for blogging. She hails from Alaska and regularly sees wildlife that most of us only see in movies. Michelle is a guest on the Upcoming Fall Success Summit

Michele Caron (Transformation) Michele is one of my dearest friends. She wrote the foreword for my book- Keys to Living Joyfully and has been a guest on all of my success summits- and she is continuing the trend for the Upcoming Fall Success Summit

Crystal  Miller (Energy Healing)  Crystal is a brilliant energy healer and I always feel a boost of energy when she is working on aligning my energy. She is very talented, sweet, kind, and big-hearted.

Amber Delwey (Energy Crystals)  Amber has a cool supply of crystals, rocks, and oils. She is also the inventor of the Energy Grid and has a new book coming out soon.

 Enjoy these bloggers:)


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor

7 thoughts on “Some Sensational Bloggers

  1. Hey Sheri – brilliant minds think alike 🙂 I recognize a few bloggers on your list. I’ve been following Michelle Shaeffer’s blog for a while and that gal ROCKS! I could spend hours exploring her blog and all the great stuff she has there.

    I just met Susan Carstens and her blog at the beginning of this month when the UBC kicked off – I immediately resonated with her messages and her writing style. Lots of value sitting on the pages of Susan’s blog.

    BTW – you’re not too shabby yourself! I’m giving your blog two thumbs up 🙂


    1. Hi Melanie,
      So glad you are enjoying Susan’s blog…she was one of my presenters for my Summer Success Summit and we have worked closely on getting her blog going- she is really terrific… thanks for the two thumbs up:) I have been really enjoying twitter for the past two years- and have been blogging for awhile- but this blog is fairly new- around 6 months old- so still a baby…but I am liking the WordPress (actually addicted to WordPress, I think) Sheri

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Not only am I deeply honored to be part of your “Sensational Bloggers” list, but I look forward as well to being part of the upcoming Fall Success Summit!

    A million thanks to you!

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