Tackle that Scary, Irritating, Annoying Thing

If you have something gnawing at you…bothering you in your sleep…keeping you from feeling peaceful…decide that this is the day that you tackle it. What is it? IT is anything that you have been avoiding, putting off, trying to ignore, and trying to pretend IT doesn’t exist. Maybe you have some emotion tied to IT, maybe you are not sure how to proceed, maybe you are not sure you will have the outcome you desire…Maybe it is not important to know why- just handle it- address it- take some action.

Whatever the reason you have for not facing IT…you will feel so  much better when you face it, handle it, and/or have some forward action. Facing something you have been putting off is liberating and releases so much positive energy. You will almost have to tie ankle weights onto your legs to keep you from floating off the ground…Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it does feel sooooo gooooood when you finally get IT off your back .  I have noticed that people  (including me)  spend a lot of time wondering why they are doing the things they do or why things happen the way they do, and sometimes the answer is to just move forward. 

Try moving forward today…Tackle the Task.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor


4 thoughts on “Tackle that Scary, Irritating, Annoying Thing

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  2. I would venture to say every human being on earth has faced these kinds of demons!

    One thing I’ve learned along the way in my 57 years of life experiences is this …

    Procrastination causes FATIGUE!

    It’s actually more tiring and a big drain on your energy reserves to worry about and fret over things you know you need to tackle … and haven’t. I say …

    Get those monkeys off your back and revel in your new found spirit and energy!


    1. Hi Melanie,
      Yes- procrastination does cause fatigue- great observation… I went to your website, signed up for your free download- it was excellent and I liked how you promote other people in your tips, too. Thank you, Sheri

      1. Thank you, Sheri, for your kind words. Much appreciated!

        In the blogosphere, I think it’s important and it’s FUN to link to other bloggers, do some guest posting, invite other blog authors to take the seat of honor on your blog, and when appropriate – do cross promotions of products and/or services.

        That’s the beauty of blogging!

        To me, it’s the BEST social media platform on the net. 🙂

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