Are You Using the Right Tools, Services, Products?

This morning I was thinking about  some of the things that I do and products that I use that help me stay positive and focused. Some of the tools are ongoing memberships and others are books, audios, ebooks, etc.  I was thinking about canceling some of my memberships. Then, I realized that it is easy to say, “I don’t need this” when I am doing great. But the truth is…that I need to feed my mind, body, and spirit daily. Without daily positive mental, physical, and spiritual conditioning-  the mind quickly jumps to the negative or becomes fixated on a ” bad” situation.  Then it becomes easy for me to get stuck or stay in a slump.

So when you are tempted to let go of some of those positive habits and methods…recognize that the very reason you feel like you don’t need them…is because the positive tools and techniques that you have been using are working.   This doesn’t mean that we don’t ever weed out and evaluate products and services. In fact, this morning,  I dropped one, kept some,  and added another.  Why did I decide to only drop one? Why did I decide to add another service? I looked at my life and made a quick gratitude list and then evaluated how much of my list was directly or indirectly attributed to the resources, tools, and techniques that I was using. 

There is so much help available for just about every aspect of life you can imagine. Ask yourself, am I getting the help, assistance, services I need in order to make that quantum leap forward in life?


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor

3 thoughts on “Are You Using the Right Tools, Services, Products?

  1. Very cool topic, Sheri – love it!

    Sometimes it’s wise to re-assess what’s in our toolbox for life and our toolbox for business and do a little de-cluttering. And, like you, it’s also nice to be able to add new tools, too.

    Although we’re not construction workers or carpenters, our tools are just as important. And as solo professionals and entrepreneurs, when does the learning end? It doesn’t! The same applies to life. And it’s wonderful to have people and resources to call upon when we need help to build our business.

    Sometimes our gardens have weeds that we need to pull and that’s okay – as long as we continue to nurture the beauty and bounty that remains. And that may mean that we need to turn over the soil and plant some new seeds once in a while.

    Fantastic post!

  2. I agree that sometimes we need to re-evaluate the tools that we are using. And as you pointed out – we need to be careful not to let go of something that is working when life is good. It may be your lifeline when life throws you a curve ball. Thanks for making me take a look at what I should – keep doing – stop doing – and start doing.

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