Can I get a do-over Please?

How many times throughout the day, week, month, or even a lifetime, do we wish we could hit the rewind button and instead of replaying- get a complete do-over? I know there were some passes in last night’s football game where players probably wished they could have a do-over,  but what if we could have do-overs? Really, we can, sort of. Here is how it works: take any incident from the past day or so where you wished things could have gone differently. Grab a pen and paper- or open a Word document and rewrite the situation exactly the way you wanted it to go as if it actually happened that way  (include lots of color, sounds, smells, visuals, feeling, etc).

I know this do-over idea might seem kind of strange, since we really only have the present and we can look to the future- but the past is really gone. So why put the effort into the rewrite? A rewrite, or do-over creates a mental energy shift and all writing is an act of creation. In the process of rewriting, we are creating, shifting, freeing ourselves.  This process is particularly useful around a crystallized habit pattern in your life. For instance, if you have had bad money habits and produced negative results in your life because of it- rewriting the past can be part of freeing yourself from the habit. You start seeing your life as you create it. Use the rewrite or do-over for arguments, losses, any negative situation. Try it today and notice the shift.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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