What’s with the Bad Mood?

What’s with the Bad Mood?

Ever be around someone in a bad mood? It seems like the life and light gets sucked right out of the room. Few people want to be around someone in a bad mood. I am going to assume, because you found your way to this blog (which is generally about living joyfully and successfully every day) that you like being happy and successful. However, it happens sometimes (yes- to all of us), you wake up and find yourself in a bad mood.

How many times to you just say to yourself, “Oh well, today is going to be a bad day”. Why does it have to be that way? You can shift out of that bad mood almost as easily as you shifted into it. I define a bad mood as feeling irritated, angry, upset, for no significant reason.

Here is my quick approach for turning around a mood. The first line of defense is to recognize that you have a choice. You can choose better. Notice I am not saying “pretend” that you aren’t in a bad mood. You can choose to consciously shift your mood. Start by saying out loud- “I choose better”.  Then determine to shake yourself up a bit. Do something completely different to start your day. (think of George on Seinfeld when he had his “opposite” day). Maybe you eat a breakfast that you would never eat, you drive to work a different way, read something different…you get the idea. Shake things up. As you are going through the shaking up process, stay focused on the present. Notice tastes, textures, smells, scenery, sounds. Recall what makes you happy and say it. “I am happy when the Packers win their games”. “I am happy when I talk to my best friend.” And continue…then move to an affirmation like “All is well” or “I am strong”.  If you try all of these and you are still in a bad mood…call me 303-906-6556 or email me CoachSheri@lifeisjoyful.org and we can brainstorm a few more ideas.


Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor


3 thoughts on “What’s with the Bad Mood?

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  2. Great tips. One of my favorite ways to turn a bad mood around has always been to create a list of things I am grateful for and a list of things I have been successful at. Sometimes it is hard to get started but the lists can start very small with just simple things like being grateful for icecream on a hot day or being successful for having a car (any car) to drive.

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