Get Creative Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Here you go, you have a task, a project…something that is a “must do” for you. And you’ve got…nothing…zero ideas…you feel, maybe even, empty. This is when mindmapping can become a great catalyst for creativity. Start with your project or task theme written in the middle of a huge poster board or piece of big paper. Draw a circle around your theme. So for instance, for me it might be the word “joy”. Then brainstorm anything that comes to your mind regarding “joy”- don’t think-(happiness, bliss, success, positivity, hard to find, easy to find, smiles- just to name a few) just write- each word related to “joy” will have a spoke to it and then a circle around your new word. Then as words and ideas come to you regarding the other words you have written down- you will have more spokes and circles. (examples of other words related to success: goals, money, things, achievement, vision, elusive, hard to define, different meanings for different people). You get the idea.

This technique actually works great for teams, too. You work at the same time with different colored markers and on the same piece of paper. There is no judging- just writing. It also helps to set a time- maybe five minutes- so you don’t overthink.

Then you (and your team- if you are working with a team)  can evaluate your mind map- see the connections- see the ideas. This is a great technique for brainstorming a book idea, too.  If you are struggling with getting going on a project, try mindmapping today.


Sheri Kaye Hoff

MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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