When we are challenged, it’s easy to crumble; harder to be courageous and strong.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Mother Teresa

It’s easy to be successful and filled with joy when everything seems to be going your way. When life is great, it is easy to be great.  However, the true test of character and leadership is how you handle the challenges, losses, let-downs, and dissappointments when they come your  way.

When we are challenged, it’s easy to crumble- maybe it is even expected…it’s harder to be courageous and strong. When challenge comes, fear sometimes sets in. I know, it’s easy to get caught up in worry or fear of the Big Unknown. I experienced this last week as I witnessed a couple of close friends experience true hardship. Not only did I want to erase the bad things from their lives- like erasing a whiteboard, but I also found myself getting a little caught up in fear- if this could happen to them, it could happen to me, too.  I felt a tidal wave of realization that the future really is unkown and unpredictable. I felt unsteady, I felt sadness for them…I also remembered my own grief and loss. The whole time, my logical mind was whispering to me…”you can’t help anyone from a position of weakness…you need to stay strong.”  But how? How could I stay strong when I felt so shaky?

Then, I remembered one of my favorite Mother Theresa quotes,  “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

It’s the small things that carry us through when we are faltering or feeling unsteady.  Doing “small” things can help us get our strength back.  Holding to a daily ritual of prayer, a walk, or journaling helps us stay the course. There were times in my life- when my brother died, when my youngest child was in ICU-, I could only think enough to utter the words, “Please, God, Please, God”. 

In the midst of illness, a death, loss, stress, or let down…turn to the simple things.  Perhaps a steamy cup of coffee or tea, holding someone’s hand, sitting quietly in a church, sitting on the banks of a river, or soaking in the tub is the simplicity you need.

As you gain some of your strength back, take small steps  and ease back into your routine. Routine provides comfort.

Keep reaching out to people. I know you might feel like you just want to be alone, but having people nearby helps. When my son was in the hospital years ago, I remember my parents just “being” in the room with me. Just their presence was a huge comfort.

If you want to, if you reach for it…you will find strength and comfort. You will find steadiness…You will find your way back.

2 thoughts on “When we are challenged, it’s easy to crumble; harder to be courageous and strong.

  1. An attitude of positivity can go a LONG way! Repeating positive affirmations, reading positive quotes and books, and being around inspiring people can work wonders! Good post! #blogboost

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