Do you resist and
not want to accept “what is”?
Accepting “what is”
does not mean that we give up,
we just are saying,
“this is where I am,
this is what’s going on”.
Acceptance means
being fully present
in the moment and
not adding any “old stories”.
Acceptance is a
starting point.
A place of grace.
A place of calm.
Acceptance is like a
sweet, gentle, forgiving touch
that you give to yourself.  
Acceptance is
freeing and liberating.
Acceptance is the beginning of
powerful, inward change.  
You can move on-
dare to dream,
dare to reach
dare to achieve.
Try on some “acceptance” today.
Feel a shift.
Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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