And the Clients Went Wild

Here is a Fab new book from best selling author Maribeth Kuzmeski:

And the Clients Went Wild

This message is for absolutely EVERYONE.  Whether you’re a corporate executive, small business owner, entrepreneur, author, stay-at-home mom or anyone who’s ever wanted to take their dream or idea to the next step… THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! 

“And the Clients Went Wild”, is the latest offering from bestselling author and founder of Red Zone Marketing, LLC, Maribeth Kuzmeski – advisor to Fortune 500 firms that need strategic marketing planning and business growth.

So she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to building and maintaining a client base of wildly enthusiastic followers who not only want to buy your product or services for themselves, but can’t wait to tell everyone they know about you.

Part rule book, part playbook and part workbook, “And the Clients Went Wild!” flawlessly extracts the most profitable and easily applicable business-building strategies from case studies and tells you step by step how to put them to use in your business

 “And the Clients Went Wild” shows you through numerous case studies how people like you took a tiny seed of an idea and turned it into unimaginable profit.  Stop surviving and start thriving today!  Buy the book today @



Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL,  Life Coach, Author of the book Keys to Living Joyfully , College Professor

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