Grow Your Confidence: Achieve Your Goals

If you want to achieve your goals, learning to grow your confidences should be a key component in your strategy. Learn how important confidence is, when related to achieving your goals.  Learn how to channel confidence in one area to confidence in another area of your life. Learn how to tap confidence when you feel most vulnerable.  Create confidence instantly and boost your success and joy in your life.  Achieve those big goals- finally.

Why is confidence so important to achievement?  Confidence is the belief that you can accomplish your goals.  When you are confident, you have a greater ability to inspire others and garner help when you need it. Confidence carries you through the tough pieces of working on your goals and keeps you from giving up. When you are confident, you know you will follow through and achieve. Being confident is the difference between knowing and wondering if it will all work out. For example, I am confident writer. I know that when I start a project, I will complete it.  

What happens when one lacks confidence? Without confidence, you have given yourself permission to give up, permission to doubt, and permission to waver. After all, you are not confident, so things really might not ever happen the way you want them to happen. Lack of confidence makes it difficult to get people to believe in your project, which makes it difficult to get help you need.  Lack of confidence gets in your way when you are trying to achieve and allows you to continue to tell “old stories” about yourself.  Perhaps the stories are  of failure or disappointment. Confidence is important and directly related to goal achievement.

How can you grow your confidence? There are some quick, painless, and relatively easy ways to boost your confidence. First, you can channel the confidence in one area of your life to an area where you need more confidence. Identify where you are confident, where you already know that when you set a goal, you will do it for sure.  Take that confident feeling and focus on transferring it to a problematic area.  We are talking about shifting energy. Logically, you should be able to do this. Try it. Are you able to tap confident feelings and move the feeling to another area? For instance, you might be great at your job, but struggle in terms of fitness goals. You can transfer the confidence you feel about your job, to confidence about achieving your fitness goals. Why not? If you are great at some things, you can be great at other things, too, right?

Another way to grow confidence is to tap confidence when you feel vulnerable. Vulnerable times may include a disappointment, a lay off, financial hardship, relationship problems, etc.  As you are feeling vulnerable, make an effort to see and remember when you have successfully handled previous similar situations.  I know you have made it through some hard times successfully. When you know this about yourself, confidence will lessen the disappointment and shorten your down time.

You also can create confidence instantly and boost your likelihood of success by engaging in confidence boosting activities such as: completing a project (any project, even a very small project), taking care of something that has been hanging over your head,  doing something very well, achieving something hard,  achieving something easy, and taking action (any action).  These boosting activities grow your confidence because you are building a portfolio of achievement. You are creating the energy of achievement.

You then will move on to achieving your biggest goals because you have reached a state of confidence. You will know you have grown your confidence:  when you know you will do it and it will happen; when you know you will keep at it until it happens; when you know you will “never, never, never give up” (Churchill, Winston); When your self-talk tells you   “I am an achiever”.

Growing your confidence does, indeed, make a big impact on goal achievement.  Take these simple confidence building steps and you will notice a difference in your overall confidence in your life.

by Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach and Author of Keys to Living Joyfully

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Confidence: Achieve Your Goals

    1. Hi Martha,
      Thanks for your comments- I agree that confidence can make or break a person…I find that people love that confident feeling, but aren’t always sure how to get there. Love when I see people grow in confidence- makes my heart sing:) Sheri

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