Guide Yourself Through the Grief/Loss Emotion

I have a guest blogger for you today: she is Amber Delwey from  .  Amber includes some grea tenergy management tips and techniques on guiding yourself through grief and loss:

Grief and sadness are two emotions humans cannot get away from. Even the most ‘awakened & enlightened’ of humans feel a sense of loss on occasion. We grieve daily, sometimes moment by moment, and many times are unaware that it is happening. We experience a fleeting moment of grief when we realize there is not enough toilet tissue in the bathroom after we’ve already used it. Also when we expect someone will reply to us in a certain time frame but they don’t. When that phone call we were hoping for does not come through. Because we attached an expectation of success that was dependent on set events happening, we experienced a let down or the Grief Reflex.

This is a normal part of Being Human, and is something we can alleviate and lessen. Happily with the help of different energy management tools, we are able to guide ourselves through the grief emotion/energy in a healthy, productive way.

Here are a few natural ways to combat the challenges grief brings to your body and spirit:

Wear jewelry made with any of the following gemstones: Apache tear (form of obsidian), amazonite, Botswana agate, carnelian and clear quartz crystal. You may also hold these stones, or carry them in your pocket or bra or other likely place. You can leave them by your bedside, tuck them under your pillow or put them on your coffee table.

Spend time with children or animals. Their unique understanding that all things are energy and, therefore ever lasting, makes them the perfect place to tap into the vibration of the oneness in everything.

Write all of your regrets and guilt feelings on a sheet of paper. Then go outside or use a vented indoor fireplace and set the paper on fire. Say prayer or quietly visualize The Best Thing/feeling as you watch the paper burn. With the smoke and ashes, watch the weight and meaning of those feelings fly away, never to return. This is especially helpful when you have tried everything to overcome very strong grief, guilt, sadness or shame feelings with no relief. The physical power of writing and burning has a very special effect when used in this way.

Grief, make no mistake, is a part of Being Human (Human Being). We will, as is our nature, attach ourselves to things, people and animals. As we all become more aware that it is not necessary to be attached to the physical things in our lives to be complete, our times of grief will be come less often, and then only with very deep attachments such as to people or pets. As humans become more aware that everything is connected, in a physical body or in the spirit body, through the Universal Energy, we will be able to grieve less at the loss of someone. Notice it will be less; as long as we are conscious in a human body; we are bound to feel some grief at times.

Many people struggle with tears and not being able to turn them off. I call this the Crying Monster. It stalks my mom a lot. The followng tool immediately and continually helps to dry the tears up and chase the monster away. Mom says it works like magic.It is called a picture board. Get some orange-ish background, wrapping paper, construction paper or poster board. Then find some pictures that depict places looking down from above. It could be some place you may have been or identify with from the past, but it does not have to be. City skylines, balloon launches, and valley vista from a mountain top are all good pictures here. Places that remind you of home or of times gone by to which you still feel an attachment. Maybe a staircase. Use some orange flowers and a few birds, angels, fairies, butterflies or planes to lift everything up. You can use pictures from anywhere, personal, magazines or the web. You could even draw some if you like. It is best not to use any pictures of people in your life or yourself, because they may cause you to feel anxious or worried.

Mount the pictures on the board (paste or tape) in any order you like. Then place the board in the area where grief particularly overwhelms you, i.e. your bedroom, your cubical, your computer room, kitchen, wherever. Make a point to look at this board each day at least once and anytime you start to have the Grief Reflex kick in. Doing so will help to ward off the continual sadness, especially when you feel like crying.

You can learn more about Amber Delwey here:

4 thoughts on “Guide Yourself Through the Grief/Loss Emotion

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  3. Thanks Sheri!

    This is an example of the kind of tips you will find in my upcoming book “The Best Thing”.

    Easy, natural and most of the time free things anyone can do to help themselves RIGHT NOW!

    Thanks for sharing these with your readers! Enjoy! :o)

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