An Avalanche of Abundance

I love affirmations. Affirmations are positive thought programming with the idea that we can use our conscious minds to program our subconscious mind. Though I have been using affirmations for years, I change up my usual affirmations every so often.  I have been saying the affirmation, “Avalanches of abundance flow to me” for the past three weeks.

And, guess what? avalanches of abundance have been flowing to me and from very suprising and unexpected places, too.  I happened to get involved with the Ultimate Blog Challenge and made some terrific new friends and really enjoyed writing every single day for my blogs.  I started to take over the marketing for my husband’s biz and he saw immediate results…A friend from seventeen years ago contacted me and it was so beautiful to reconnect…I added a partner to co-lead my How to Write a Book Workshop, and believe me this is the short list from the last three weeks.

Sometimes it becomes easy to think that abundance can only come from certain places. This becomes tunnel vision and one, then, does not recognize other areas of abundance. So, for example, as a small biz owner, a coach, an employee, an entrepreneur…we often associate all of our financial abundance coming to us in the form of salary, new clients, etc…

In reality, there are vast and unlimited ways that abundance can come to you. Yes, I have had new clients, books sales, product sales, etc, too; but I particularly noticed abundance coming to me from many more avenues. Perhaps, you are experiencing an avalanche of abundance right now. Make a quick list of everything abundant in your life. You may be surprised to realize your true abundant life. Or, maybe your list is shorter than you would like…start affirming right now…”Avalanches of abundance are flowing to me, right now.” 

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

2 thoughts on “An Avalanche of Abundance

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