5 Steps to Becoming a Sought After Expert

I have an important question for you. Have you ever felt an inner
nudge to impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives?

If so, you’ll want to register for — and attend — a one-time
complimentary call my friend and colleague, Mary Allen, author of The
Power of Inner Choice, is hosting called:

“Discover the 5 Steps To Becoming A Sought After Expert WHILE Enjoying
A 6 Figure Plus Income AND Inner Peace.”

Mary Allen is America’s Inner Peace coach and has led seven events
this past year. She also is an expert in leading group coaching programs.
Tune in to the live call as she reveals many of her secrets!

It’s happening this Wednesday, September 1st at 5pm PT /8pm ET.


Whether you’re a coach, author, speaker, expert — or you’ve simply
had that inner calling to impact lives in a way only you can — this
call is for you!

On this call you’ll learn:

1. What every best-selling author, speaker and expert has in
common, but no one is talking about – or teaching!

2. Why coaches, authors and speakers stop short of their potential
(and what YOU can do about it, especially if you’re one of them).

3. 2 Simple Keys to Quadruple Your Ability To Receive MORE Money,
Visibility and Support.

4. “The Secret Ingredient” needed to write your best-selling book,
be a keynote speaker, go beyond 6 or 7 figures, and get recognized
as the distinguished expert you are. Why this is essential to your
success (and how you can have it 24/7).

5. 5 Steps to affecting 100’s, 1000’s or millions doing what you
love WHILE enjoying a six or seven figure plus Income AND inner

On this call Mary will also be sharing her proprietary 5 Step Ultimate
Impact Formula — and how she has transformed her own coaching
business in the last 2 years.


On this call Mary will also personally invite you to apply for her
latest program, Ultimate Impact, where any committed coach, author or
speaker can enjoy greater peace, power and prosperity on the path to
fame and fortune.

Wishing you a fabulous week! 


Coach Sheri

Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL

Life Coach, Author, College Professor

Inspiring Succesful and Joyful Living Every Day

Website , Book

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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