How do I get the things that I want in life?

Everyone wants to know- "How do I get the things that I want in life?" or "I have been using affirmations and working on my thoughts, but nothing seems to change?"

Becoming a powerful manifester is so exciting and a worthy pursuit. Everything we have been working on in bootcamp has been designed to help you shift your energy vibration, condition and exercise your thought power, and create inspired action steps for you which all help you manifest your desires.

If you want to manifest something today… create a vacuum in your life by cleaning up something, getting rid of something, or completing a task. This will be really effective if it has been sitting around as dead energy in your life or if it is something that feels like it has been hanging over your head or weighing down your shoulders. The freedom vibration is powerful. So set your manifestation intention, then engage in one of the three vacuum tasks, set your intention again, say affirmations around your intention, then let go and trust. Generously give something to a person or organization (even if it is just your time- or a kind thought). Cultivate feelings of deep appreciation in your life.

Prepare to be amazed. (excerpt from Day 20 Success Bootcamp 21 day eCourse)

Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL

Life Coach, Author, College Professor

Inspiring Succesful and Joyful Living Every Day

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