My Creative Process and My Love for My Work

I wanted to share my poem called Sensuous Creation with you. This poem describes my creative process and my love for my work. I would love to hear about your creative process.

Sensuous Creation by Sheri Kaye Hoff

Sharp, vivid sight

Crisp, clear sounds

Delicious scents swirling around me

Thoughts that snap together

Love and light flowing freely around me

Skin taught and shivering

with delight..

Complete awareness

Anticipation of a breakthrough

Passion dancing in my eyes

Vibrations humming through my body

Joy consuming my soul

Speed and stillness occurring simultaneously

Streaming thoughts

Gracefully flowing.

Tears of appreciation for

a new creation.

Love and soft laughter

at the sensuality.

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

2 thoughts on “My Creative Process and My Love for My Work

  1. I love your poem. The aromatherapist in me loves how much in touch with the scentual is your process.

    I sit in nature or take long walks as a moving meditation to inspire my creativity. The biggest surge comes when I am helping a breastfeeding mother. Allowing myself to be fully in the moment, whether in person or on the phone, we share an amazing energy. I have learned that in those moments my passion gives voice to many little gems.

    I now keep a pad and pen handy or do an audio on my phone so that I can use those ideas in the future. What I’ve noticed during this challenge is that it is like a muscle;the more I notice, the more that becomes conscious and available to me.

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