3 Key Choices that Lead to Greater Success

The power of choice is inherent in every aspect of every day life.  Are you acting as though you have choice or are you living in reaction mode? Three key choices that impact your results in life involve: choosing better thoughts, choosing inspired action, and carefully choosing  your words.

Choosing better thoughts involves recognition of the power of mindset. A success mindset is the beginning of all success and it’s tough (if not impossible) to be successful without it. A success mindset is positive, confident, and happy- the  mindset that when you put your heart, mind, and actions into something- you will achieve it. It is about self-belief and belief in the power of the universal source (God, Higher Power…)

Choosing inspired action means that you take action when the steps are revealed to you through intuition, research, inner guidance…that gut feeling.

Choosing your words carefully acknowledges the power of the spoken word for yourself and for others. When speaking,  choose positive, uplifting ideas and leave out blame and criticism. Realize that spoken words cannot be taken back.

In every situation, you do have choice…

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

2 thoughts on “3 Key Choices that Lead to Greater Success

  1. Sheri,

    In my opinion these were short, well said thoughts. There’s a lot in this brief post.

    While appreciating them all, I enjoyed heart + mind + action combination and emphasis on positive, uplifting words.

    Simple, yet requiring self discipline and commitment to follow through on these ideas.

    Thanks for sharing!

    — Live. Learn. Grow. Influence. —


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