My Joy List Today

My Joy List Today

1. Enjoying a  steamy, hot cup of coffee as I catch up on email

2. Absorbing and appreciating the sunrise touching the Rocky Mountains

3. Hugs from my son as he blinks back tears and bravely tackles advanced math

4. Calls from my daughters, asking for permission to leave school during homeroom to get Starbuck’s

5. My close friend Michele and our weekly Wednesday morning brainstorming session.

6. My dog roming through the yard, rolling in the grass and bringing her ball to me. Yes…I will throw it for the 100th time.

7. My cat purring, snuggled at my feet content to just be close

8. Fellow bloggers sharing their thoughts, dreams, ideas, suggestions, expertise, and hearts

9. A long walk helping me process ideas for another book

10. An icy, refreshing shower bringing my thoughts sharply to the present and clearing my head.

Please share your joy list with me today:)

Coach Sheri



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