Enjoy the Process

Enjoy the Process. If you only have your eyes on the end result, you lose the moment. Enjoying the process is a key to happiness, joy, and success in life. Here are five keys to enjoying the process of achieving your goals.

BE in joy. Choose to live joyfully every day. It really is a choice. You can choose joy, just like you choose the clothes that you wear.

Delight in the process. Find ways to appreciate each part of each step towards your goals. When I teach my college students, I tell them to find something about each class that ignites their passion, that way the whole educational process is rewarding, not just the end few minutes when someone hands you your diploma on a stage.

Revel in each day. I live by the Rocky Mountains. Every day, at some point a look at the mountains and exclaim, “Look how beautiful the mountains are today.” I never get tired of the mountains and I don’t ever become “used to” their beauty.  I notice, every day.

Pace  that allows enjoyment. Keep a pace that allows you to enjoy life. Don’t try to rush time or get everything done in a day. People who try to speed up life are always speeding up life and never really enjoying it.

Practice detachment .Set your goal, create and complete your action steps, then detach from your results. Why? So you can allow the creative force of the universe to do its part.

Commit today to enjoy the process.

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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