Create Your Own Success System

You can develop your own success system and be able to use it over and over again to achieve results in your life.  To get started…analyze your achievements- break them down into processes that can be repeated over and over. For example, you may have a process for writing an article, updating your website, decorating a Christmas tree, planning a party, offering a free class, etc. Then you may even be able to teach someone else how to use your process. Your process could be turned into a product (ebook, ecourse, audio, etc). You can blog about your process.

You realize the true value of your process when you use it over and over again, tweaking it each time. For instance, I have a process that I have created for my Success Summits, so each time, I don’t have to rethink the whole event and each event becomes even better with tweaking.

Keep good records and files. This is a big key to your success system. Keep records of everything you do because you never know when you might do it again or need the info/data. Keep records on your PC, an external hard drive, and online backup storage. I even email key pieces to myself for a fourth piece of back up.

Set a success standard for yourself. That way, you will know when you are moving off track. Keep a list of refocusing activities handy when you fall short of that standard. This list avoids having to think about how to get refocused. Examples of a refocusing activity might be listening to a motivational audio, working out, doing yoga, reading inspiring books, watching an inspiring movie…I think you are getting the idea

Keep a self-maintenance list. A self maintenance list is similar to a tune up list for a vehicle. On this self-maintenance list you will want to have recorded down your last doctor and dental appointments, your last massage, chiropractic, and day spa or salon appointments, and anything that you regularly do to take really good care of yourself. When you feel exhausted or tense, you can look at this list and notice …”hmmmm it has been three months since I had a massage” or “I need to make an appointment for a checkup”.  The key here is that the list will provide a reality check and you don’t have to over think.

Creating your success system increases efficiency and productivity. When you put thought into creating your own system, you will most likely see faster results and more success.

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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