Amp Up Your Energy for Success: Take Action (Any Action)

Amp Up Your Energy for Success: Take Action (Any Action).

Taking action (any action) is a great way to amp up your energy for success. What do I mean by any action? I literally mean any action. This could be as simple as running up and down the stairs a few times or doing the dishes. You might ask what the heck this has to do with success…

Action creates a powerful energy vibe and sometimes when a person is working on a goal, there comes a point of stagnation or not knowing what to do next. This is the time for a shake up. Any action will suffice for a “shake up”. Try it.

The next time you feel stuck, jump into action. You could clean off your desk, pull a few weeds in the backyard, put pictures into an album or scrapbook, clean your closet, run an errand…you are starting to get the idea. The goal to this exercise is a change of pace and to actually do something instead of sitting there spinning your wheels.

My challenge to you: If you feel stuck…jump into some kind of action right now. So…let me know…what kind of action did you take?

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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