Accountability Creates Results

Accountability Creates Results

Want to see more results and success? Become accountable. When you track progress by recording wins, challenges, and goals on a weekly basis, you do get more accomplished. Nothing gets you to action more than noticing that you have had the same task on your list for three weeks. Your mind says- I gotta get that done. Or you can look at the item and consider that it has been on your list for three weeks- maybe you really do not want to do it. Can you delegate or can you simply decide you are not going to do it? This works for quite a few items on your to do list. (I realize this doesn’t work with everything- in that case- you are going to have to just do it).

You can create your own accountability sheet by using this as a guideline:

  • Record wins from the previous week.
  • Write down challenges from the previous week.
  • Write down goals and tasks for the upcoming week (include items that relate to completion of  short term as well as long term goals).
  • Write down questions you need answered- or information you might need for the upcoming week.
  • List any help you might need (An assistant? A coach? A service? A volunteer? A friend? A coworker? etc)

Create a template that you can use over and over. Keep all your completed accountability sheets in a folder (on your pc and/or hardcopy).

Even if you are one to resist tracking and documenting- try it for a few weeks (ideally- give it a try for 12 weeks)- you are likely to be surprised at your increase in results. If you want a copy of my accountability template- email me at and put accountability sheet in the subject line.

Coach Sheri


Sheri Kaye Hoff, M.A, CGCL
Life Coach, Author, College Professor

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