Self Improvement Give Away Event

Hello Friends,

I have more than 300 gifts for you today.

These are brought to you courtesy of a pair of my favorite marketers who are running a massive “mind and body” self improvement giveaway right now:


The Self Help Gifts Giveaway event is definitely one of the better giveaways that I have seen recently, and I think you will really enjoy what they have to offer. I have checked the site for quality and it is a thumbs up from me. Self esteem expert Dr. Joe Rubino and fitness professional Carolyn Hansen have teamed up to produce a smorgasbord of self help gifts for you to choose from.

So what will you find once you get across to the event?


I saw downloadable ebooks, memberships, videos and audios, software, and e-courses. These were on topics as diverse as parenting, relationships, health and fitness, stress management (always a good one!), working from home, business
management, confidence building, and quite a few other self help categories.

The gifts cost nothing simply because events of this type are run with the aim of introducing you to a host of vendors of self improvement products who you would otherwise probably never get to come in contact with.

Here’s the URL to the giveaway event again:

Click Here

Have fun!

Coach Sheri

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